Interface CLNCompressionMethodType

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All Known Implementing Classes:
CLNCompressionMethodCustom, CLNCompressionMethodStandard

public sealed interface CLNCompressionMethodType extends CLNDescribableType permits CLNCompressionMethodCustom, CLNCompressionMethodStandard
A compression method. This refers to compression that is used on data that will be uploaded directly to a GPU without prior decompression. This is in contrast to supercompression which is used to encapsulate data that must be decompressed before it can be used.
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  • Method Details

    • compressionSectionIdentifier

      long compressionSectionIdentifier()
      The identifier of the section containing data required to decompress data
    • blockSizeX

      int blockSizeX()
      The size of a compressed block on the X axis
    • blockSizeY

      int blockSizeY()
      The size of a compressed block on the Y axis
    • blockAlignment

      int blockAlignment()
      The required alignment of a compressed block