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Front Matter
2. Installation
The idstore package provides a server and client for managing user accounts.

1.2. Features

  • Simple, centralized identity storage and password checking. Passwords are securely stored using PBKDF2.
  • Email-based password reset functionality with a minimalist web interface.
  • Full API access for all operations: Separate user-facing and administrator-facing APIs are exposed on different ports and are accessed using an efficient binary protocol over HTTP.
  • Full Java API for performing user and administrative operations.
  • Strong separation between administrators and users.
  • Fine-grained capability based security model for administrative operations; Safely write external services that can perform administrative operations while maintaining the principle of least privilege.
  • Command-line administrative shell.
  • Complete audit log; every operation that changes the state of the system is logged in an append-only log.
  • Fully instrumented with OpenTelemetry.
  • A small, easily auditable codebase with a heavy use of modularity for correctness.
  • An extensive automated test suite with high coverage.
  • Platform independence. No platform-dependent code is included in any form, and installations can largely be carried between platforms without changes.
  • OSGi-ready
  • JPMS-ready
  • Support for Canonmill keystores.
  • ISC license.
Front Matter
Front Matter
2. Installation
io7m | single-page | multi-page | epub | Idstore User Manual 1.0.0