Interface VulkanBufferImageCopyType

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    public interface VulkanBufferImageCopyType
    Structure specifying a buffer ↔ image copy operation.
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      • bufferOffset

        long bufferOffset()
        The offset in bytes from the start of the buffer object where the image data is copied from or to.
      • bufferRowLength

        int bufferRowLength()
        The bufferRowLength and bufferImageHeight specify in texels a subregion of a larger two- or three-dimensional image in buffer memory, and control the addressing calculations. If either of these values is zero, that aspect of the buffer memory is considered to be tightly packed according to the imageExtent.
        The buffer row length
      • bufferImageHeight

        int bufferImageHeight()
        The buffer image height
      • imageSubresource

        VulkanImageSubresourceLayers imageSubresource()
        An image specifying the specific image subresources of the image used for the source or destination image data.
      • imageOffset

        VulkanOffset3D imageOffset()
        The initial x, y, z offsets in texels of the sub-region of the source or destination image data.
      • imageExtent

        VulkanExtent3D imageExtent()
        The size in texels of the image to copy in width, height and depth.