Interface VulkanBufferViewCreateInfoType

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    public interface VulkanBufferViewCreateInfoType
    Information required to create a buffer.
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      • flags

        java.util.Set<VulkanBufferViewCreateFlag> flags()
        A set of flags specifying additional parameters of the buffer view.
      • buffer

        VulkanBufferType buffer()
        The buffer on which the view will be created
      • format

        VulkanFormat format()
        The format of the data elements in the buffer
      • offset

        long offset()
        An offset in bytes from the base address of the buffer. Accesses to the buffer view from shaders use addressing that is relative to this starting offset.
      • range

        long range()
        A size in bytes of the buffer view. If range is equal to VK_WHOLE_SIZE, the range from offset to the end of the buffer is used. If VK_WHOLE_SIZE is used and the remaining size of the buffer is not a multiple of the texel block size of format, the nearest smaller multiple is used.