Interface VulkanDescriptorSetLayoutBindingType

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    public interface VulkanDescriptorSetLayoutBindingType
    Structure specifying a descriptor set layout binding.
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      • binding

        int binding()
        The binding number of this entry and corresponds to a resource of the same binding number in the shader stages
      • descriptorType

        VulkanDescriptorType descriptorType()
        A VulkanDescriptorType specifying which type of resource descriptors are used for this binding.
      • descriptorCount

        int descriptorCount()
        The number of descriptors contained in the binding, accessed in a shader as an array , except if descriptorType is VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_INLINE_UNIFORM_BLOCK_EXT in which case descriptorCount is the size in bytes of the inline uniform block . If descriptorCount is zero this binding entry is reserved and the resource must not be accessed from any stage via this binding within any pipeline using the set layout.
      • stageFlags

        java.util.Set<VulkanShaderStageFlag> stageFlags()
        A set of VulkanShaderStageFlag values specifying which pipeline shader stages can access a resource for this binding. VK_SHADER_STAGE_ALL is a shorthand specifying that all defined shader stages, including any additional stages defined by extensions, can access the resource.
      • immutableSamplers

        java.util.List<VulkanSamplerType> immutableSamplers()
        A set of samplers to be initialized