Class JWFileChooserViewController


public final class JWFileChooserViewController
extends java.lang.Object
The file chooser view controller. The setConfiguration method must be called after creation.
  • Constructor Details

    • JWFileChooserViewController

      public JWFileChooserViewController()
      Construct a view controller.
  • Method Details

    • setEventReceiver

      public void setEventReceiver​(java.util.function.Consumer<JWFileChooserEventType> newEventReceiver)
      Set a function that will receive events from the chooser.
      newEventReceiver - The event receiver
    • setConfiguration

      public void setConfiguration​(JWFileChoosers inChoosers, java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService inIoExecutor, JWFileChoosersTesting inTesting, JWStrings inStrings, JWFileImageSetType inDefaultImageSet, JWFileChooserConfiguration inConfiguration)
      Set the file chooser provider and configuration.
      inChoosers - The provider
      inIoExecutor - An executor for background I/O operations
      inTesting - An internal testing interface
      inStrings - UI strings
      inDefaultImageSet - The default image set
      inConfiguration - The configuration
    • result

      public java.util.List<java.nio.file.Path> result()
      The list of selected files, if any
    • cancel

      public void cancel()
      Cancel and hide the file selection.