Record Class CLNImage2DDescription

Record Components:
mipMapLevel - The mipmap level
dataOffsetWithinSection - The offset of the data from the start of the section data
dataSizeCompressed - The size of the supercompressed data
dataSizeUncompressed - The size of the uncompressed data
crc32Uncompressed - The CRC32 of the uncompressed data
All Implemented Interfaces:
CLNImageDescriptionType, Comparable<CLNImage2DDescription>

public record CLNImage2DDescription(int mipMapLevel, long dataOffsetWithinSection, long dataSizeUncompressed, long dataSizeCompressed, int crc32Uncompressed) extends Record implements CLNImageDescriptionType, Comparable<CLNImage2DDescription>
A description of a single 2D image.
  • Constructor Details

    • CLNImage2DDescription

      public CLNImage2DDescription(int mipMapLevel, long dataOffsetWithinSection, long dataSizeUncompressed, long dataSizeCompressed, int crc32Uncompressed)
      Creates an instance of a CLNImage2DDescription record class.
      mipMapLevel - the value for the mipMapLevel record component
      dataOffsetWithinSection - the value for the dataOffsetWithinSection record component
      dataSizeUncompressed - the value for the dataSizeUncompressed record component
      dataSizeCompressed - the value for the dataSizeCompressed record component
      crc32Uncompressed - the value for the crc32Uncompressed record component
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