Interface VulkanLWJGLArrays.PackingFunctionType<A,​T extends org.lwjgl.system.Struct>

  • Type Parameters:
    A - The type of input values
    T - The type of output structures
    Enclosing class:

    public static interface VulkanLWJGLArrays.PackingFunctionType<A,​T extends org.lwjgl.system.Struct>
    The type of functions that can pack values of type A into structures of type T.
    • Method Detail

      • pack

        void pack​(org.lwjgl.system.MemoryStack stack,
                  A value,
                  T output)
           throws VulkanException
        Pack a value.
        stack - The stack from which to allocate
        value - The source value
        output - The output structure
        VulkanException - If required